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Good work on v7. Very stable and reliable on windows

@kzshantonu 22 Mar 2021

@arqbackup I just switched from Arq 6 to Arq 7 and it’s great. Really nice work. Your tool makes backups a joy.

@reactorcontrol 7 Mar 2021

Just upgraded to Arq Backup 7 by @arqbackup, and very happy with the new version! Everything is working smoothly. Highly recommend this backup solution for both Mac and Windows users.

@halfSpinDoctor 23 Feb 2021

“APFS Snaphots for Perfect Backups
We worked with Apple to get access to the APFS API, so Arq 7 has native support for creating and using APFS snapshots. “ Wow … great new feature of @arqbackup

@Markus306 18 Feb 2021

Some great customer support at @arqbackup. I had forgotten to change my name on my old Arq 5 license back in 2018 but stumbled across it now as I wanted to upgrade to Arq 7.

They sorted it out in 20 minutes with just one email. 💜

@selfawaresoup 12 Feb 2021

I quit using Time Machine many years ago. Now I use @arqbackup to back up only some directories (e.g. ~/Pictures ), and it takes about a minute every day, so it's very comfortable to me.

@okuryu 11 Feb 2021